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Sustainable public procurement knowledge platform (PAP)

The PAP acts as a reference tool for issues relating to sustainable public procurement. It is available to interested procurement offices at all federal levels. In particular, the PAP supports the harmonised implementation of the revised public procurement legislation. The PAP is published by the Federal Procurement Conference (FPC) and the Coordination Group for Construction and Property Services (KBOB), in cooperation with the Swiss Conference of Directors of Public Works, Planning and Environmental Protection (DPPE), the Association of Swiss Communes (ASC) and the Swiss Union of Cities (SSV).

TRIAS handbook on public procurement

The TRIAS procurement handbook is now online at and is available in German, French and Italian.
To help you get started with the digital handbook and find answers to your questions quickly, an explainer video has been made that demonstrates use of the site.

Explainer video in German:

Explainer video in French:

Explainer video in Italian:

We wish you a good user experience with TRIAS and we encourage you to test the platform and report any potential improvements to We thank you in advance for your comments and advise you that the website will be updated regularly.


As a bidder, you company can use to participate in an invitation to tender, download tender documents and access the question & answer forum. As a bidder administrator, you can edit and manage the bidder profile as well as the authorized simap users at your company. As a bidder administrator or contact person, you can update and manage the active projects that your company is participating in, and also set up subscriptions to relevant invitations to tenders published on simap.

Project overview


User name

If you already own a profil as bidder, you can access to your personal project manager while entering your user name and your password in the login window. Afterwards please click on access.

Re-registration as a bidder

To register as a new bidder you must first establish a profile for the bidder and determine who will be the administrator for this bidder. Afterwards additional users can be registered as contact persons.

Action to be taken by bidders

Registering company as a bidder

Register as a simap user of a registered bidder

Instruction video bidder forms: