Actual situation of the public procurement in Switzerland

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Sustainable public procurement knowledge platform (PAP)

The PAP acts as a reference tool for issues relating to sustainable public procurement. It is available to interested procurement offices at all federal levels. In particular, the PAP supports the harmonised implementation of the revised public procurement legislation. The PAP is published by the Federal Procurement Conference (FPC) and the Coordination Group for Construction and Property Services (KBOB), in cooperation with the Swiss Conference of Directors of Public Works, Planning and Environmental Protection (DPPE), the Association of Swiss Communes (ASC) and the Swiss Union of Cities (SSV).

TRIAS fact sheets

The Association of Swiss Communes (SGV), the Swiss Union of Cities (SSV), the cantons (BPUK) and the confederation (BKB and KBOB) are in the process of developing a common handbook on procurement for their procurement offices. This “TRIAS” handbook will be published in 2022.
The TRIAS fact sheets, which address individual aspects of procurement law, are already complete. The fact sheets form part of the handbook and aim to guide procurement offices in their implementation of the revised and harmonised legislation on procurement.

Available in French and German

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Search here free of charge on-line for the current legal publications in : The electronic platform of public procurement is an electronic platform shared by the federal government, cantons and communes for public procurement purposes. It offers a simple procedure for public contract-awarding authorities to post their tenders and, if need be, any relevant tender documents. Bidders and companies interested are given an overview of all existing contracts across Switzerland and can download both the tenders and tender documents. They can ask any questions they may have directly on a question/answer forum on the portal. in own thing

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