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Frequently asked questions

Here you find frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers.

Questions about registering

Can I register more than once with my UID?
No, a UID can only be registered once. If a UID is already in the system, then the company, its contact person and its administrator have already been registered. The company and its administrator will be published in the Directory of bidders.

Why must an email address and mobile telephone number of an administrator be given when registering a bidder?
The email address is for transmitting a link that is used to set the password and the mobile phone number for sending a one-time password that is needed to complete the registration process (2-factor authentication). This method ensures that administrator contact data can be cross-checked and support services rendered.

Why must a contact person be entered?
Contact persons appear in the public directory of bidders as the person to contact for general questions about the company, without any reference to a specific project.

Can the link for setting the password still be used after the 48 hour period?
No, this link is no longer valid after the 48 hour period. The registration process will have to be repeated then.

What is the purpose of the 2-factor authentication process?
2-factor authentication creates an extra level of security by requiring users to enter a one-time password in addition to their name and password. With 2-factor authentication the data about your bidder, e.g. its revenues or copies of debt enforcement office extracts, are securely protected as is the access to e-banking systems. Depending on the setting, the one-time password will be transmitted by email or by SMS. 2-factor authentication can also be deactivated for an entire company so that all registered users can log in using only their name and password (without a one-time password).

Can other users at a registered company register with the system on their own?
Administrators can choose whether to allow users to register by themselves. Once a company is registered, there is an option in the Directory of bidders where administrators can select whether users can perform the registration process by themselves or whether they can only be registered by an administrator.

Can an administrator register other users?
Yes, the administrator of a bidder can register other users, even if users can register on their own by default.

Can the administrator control the registration of a contact person?
All bidder administrators of a company will receive an email requesting activation of a new user once the registration process for a new user for their bidder profile has been completed. Only after being activated by an administrator can newly registered users access the bidder profile and use their user profiles.

Can there only be one administrator per business entity?
No. Companies can assign the role of administrator to as many users as they want. It is possible to publish more than one administrator in the bidder directory, e.g. one administrator per subsidiary / profit center.

Questions about the tendering documentation

How can I download the tendering documentation?
The use of the download of the tendering documentation, respectively the forum requires your registration. Search the desired publication by Search and login with your username and password. If it's the first time that you apply, you have to register first.

User guidelines for the tendering documentation you can find on User guidelines.

Is the download of tendering documentation liable to pay costs?
All services of the platform are free of cost. However, the contractor has individually the possibility to ask a fee for the delivery of tendering documentation.

Using the standard form

Is the standard form automatically filled in?
The address details of the company and the current logged in user will be filled in automatically. All other bidder-specific data, for example documents, additional information or bidding qualifications, will not be copied from the bidder profile into a project-specific standard form or into the online form until this form is actually processed for the first time.

Will subsequent changes to the bidder profile be automatically displayed in previously processed standard forms?
No, any changes made to a bidder profile will have no effect on standard forms that have already been filled in and processed. Profile changes will only be visible in those standard forms that are processed and saved for the first time after these changes have been made. This ensures that project-specific changes that have been made to bidder data in the standard form will not be overwritten later by bidder profile updates.

How can bidder data be modified for a particular tender in the online standard form?
Most of the “Bidder data” on the first page of the form is taken from the UID register and cannot be changed in the online standard form. Telephone numbers, email addresses and URLs given in the bidder data table can be modified by administrators in the Bidder profile. Information in the contact person table can be changed by the respective persons in their user profiles. If changes are necessary, they can be made in Excel after downloading the file.

How can the name or address of a company be changed?
It is not possible to change the name or address of a company manually in simap. Changes to company names and addresses must be reported to the Swiss Federal Statistical Office (SFSO). The SFSO will then update the company’s entry in the UID register. Changes to address data in the UID register are applied to simap at the end of every day. This ensures that the company address information in simap is always up to date.