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Frequently asked questions

Here you find frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers.

For the authorities of procurement: Questions about the publication service

How can I prepare a notice?
To publish a notice a registration on the website is required. Below the link Contractor you can register by following the link Register.
User guidelines for the authentication/registration you will find on User guidelines.

Are publications liable to pay costs?
All services of the platform are free of costs.

Can I modify a publication with the submitted state?
Once a publication has a 'submitted' status it can no longer be modified by the author.
Click on the support request button and contact the corresponding support office at

Who do I have to contact if my account is inactive?
Click on the addresses of the Competence centers and contact the corresponding person.

Where can I find the contact details of the responsible administrator?
Click on the addresses of the Competence centers and contact the corresponding person.

To whom can I refer if I have questions about the tender procedure or about legal items?
You will find the specific information of the Confederation, public entities of the Confederation, Cantons and big cities below the link Legal bases/Information.
Contact the persons listed in the addresses of the Competence centers for all other information or queries.

Until which point in time the tendering documentation can be uploaded?
Tendering documentation or documents of the competition can be uploaded at the latest by the previous day of the publicaton at 11.59 pm.
If the administrator has given its express permission to do so and has adjusted the relevant settings, you can still upload, edit or remove the tendering documentation, even after they have been published. If the tendering documentation or documents of competition are amended, re-uploaded or removed after publication, both the time and date of the change and the document IDs will be saved. If documents are amended, the comment “Document was amended on (date)” will be shown in red in the first line of the amended document in the ‘summary’ column of the Project Manager page for bidders and procurers.

Maximum size of tendering documentation
The upload of the tendering documentation is limited to a maximum of 2 Gigabytes.

Export to Ted (Tenders Electronic Daily)
The following publications on are automatically forwarded to and published on TED (
  • Invitations to tender, contract awards, tender cancellations and corrections if they were published according to the GATT/WTO agreement (GPA).
  • Publications by (centralised/decentralised) federal contractors, listed above, regardless of whether they were published according to the GATT/WTO agreement or not.

The following publications are NOT forwarded to TED :
  • Competitions
  • Direct awards
  • Publications of awarded contracts without indication of the price
  • Prior information notices
  • Participant selection publications
  • Revocation

Contractors & publication language
Contractor publications with the following features are NOT exported to TED:
  • Type of contractor = foreign
  • Publications in Italian that appear on (TED only accepts publications issued in an official WTO language).

In the event that a contract award publication is not issued, TED will send a reminder email to the address given in Section 1.1. of the invitation to tender in the following circumstances:
  • No award/cancellation/correction has been issued in the three months since the call to tender. As a general rule, TED sends the reminder email three times; even if a follow-up tender-related publication has been issued since the first or second reminder has been sent.
  • The contract award publication does not indicate the price. Indications of the price in the contract award publication are mandatory in the cantons of Bern, Zurich and Ticino.
  • The contract award publication was not made handled via the project directly, i.e. it was handled via a direct procedure, i.e. one in which the contractor awards a contract directly to a bidder without an invitation to tender). The tender-related publication cannot be made on TED. (No corrections can be made)

TED reminder emails state that (in the EU) a public notice must be issued when a contract is awarded. These EU requirements do not apply to Switzerland. Consequently contracting authorities in Switzerland can ignore this type of TED email or letter.

TED also sends emails when it identifies a problem with the content of the publication.
  • Example 1): Notice-specific content
    We would like to inform you that the date given in Section "IV.2.7 Conditions for the opening of tenders" will soon be out-of-date. In addition, the time of day is earlier than the time stated in Point "IV.2.2". ( Project 160479)
    Please note that the publication will still be issued on TED. The party who issued the publication may, if it wishes, amend this information via a correction publication.

  • Example 2): Notice-specific information request
    Under Section "I.1) Name, addresses and contact person(s)", the official title should only consist of the name of the contractor (the official name of the company). The requirements that the subject of the contract must meet is given in Section II.1.1). In order to continue processing the announcement, we kindly request you correct the official title accordingly. ( Project 159576)
    The correction can sent within 24 hours by email to (will appear in the TED publication).

  • Example 3): Refusal to publish
    Please note that under Directive 2014/24/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council (new procurement directive), the reference document cannot be amended because the document is part of the tender submission and was not published on TED. ( Project 159485)
    This situation arises when changes to the documentation are communicated via correction publications; these are not published on TED. As a result, documentation can be retrieved only from via the project.

    If you have more questions about the TED reminder emails, please submit your query via email to: We will liaise closely with TED to clarify why the publication was not issued and whether a publication could still be published on TED.

Searching for publications on TED/checking whether publications have been issued
If the publication meets the criteria set out above, you can check whether it has been exported to TED three to four days after the publication date. To do so, follow these steps:
  • Click "search" on
  • Enter the project number in the last field. Example: Project ID 181085
  • Click on the text in the "Publication" column (Screenshot 1 below)
  • The tender will be displayed, with a link to the publication on TED on the top right of the screen (Image 2 below)

  • Image 1

    Image 2