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Frequently asked questions

Here you find frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers.

Search invitations to tender

Where can I search for invitations to tender?
All publications can be seen without login through Search. It's not necessary to register until you are interested in tendering documentations or the forum.

User guidelines for Search and Login you will find on User guidelines.

Is the view of publications liable to pay costs?
All services of the platform are free of cost.

How can I find the wanted publication?
In order that your search contains the desired hits, it is necessary that you use an optimal search routine. Therefor some hints:

  • don't use any form of verb or adjective, but nouns
  • truncate your keywords and CPV codes (common procurement vocabulary) with a star at the end of the search term

If the search shows too little hits, please truncate the search term softer. With too many hits you have to truncate your search term harder. Examples in the period "current year":

  • Search for keyword:
  • "Environmental protection" gets 2 hits
    "Environmental protection*" gets 13 hits
    "Environment*" gets 24 hits
    "En*" gets 122 hits

  • Search for common procurement vocabulary (CPV):
  • "45" no hits, because this code does not exist
    "45*" gets too many hits and is not shown
    "452*" gets 57 hits
    "4523*" gets 17 hits