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Supervisory Board

Members of the Supervisory board of the Association


Mr. Dr. Hans-Peter WESSELS, WESSELS Enterprises

Vice Chairman:

Mr. Dr. Eric SCHEIDEGGER, Deputy Director of the SECO, Ambassador


Mr. Fabio BOSSI, attorney-at-law, LL.M., managing director SIMAP of the Confederation (FOBL / CCPP)

Ms. Petra LUCHSINGER, lic.iur, attorney-at-law, legal secretary mbA, General Secretariat Canton of Zurich

Mr. Thomas M.FISCHER, attorney-at-law, Head of Department of organisation and security, Canton of Bern

Mr. Sven CANONICA, Head of the Office of public procurement and programming, Canton of Ticino

Mr. Jean-Daniel MEYNET, Direction of the Cantonal IT Service of the State of Valais

Mr. Stephan WINISTÖRFER, Head of public tender service (FOBL / CCPP)