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Bidder index

Bidder index

You will find the bidder index by clicking on the menu item Bidder index (highlighted in red in the image below) in the Bidder tab.

The search form for the bidder index will then be displayed. Fill in one or more fields on this form. If you enter the UID/commercial registry number/DUNS number field with the UID of a Swiss company, please enter the UID as a nine-digit number without any special characters (such as periods or blank spaces).

The Display in hit list if it contains setting allows you to select whether all search query terms must be matched (AND search) or only at least one of the terms in the search string must be matched (OR search).

Click on the Search button to start searching the bidder directory.

Hit list overview

The hit list overview displays the companies in the bidder directory that matched your search criteria. Clicking on the button will take you to the Detailed view for the respective company.

Detailed view

Here all the data of the selected company that has been published in the bidder directory are displayed. Depending on the settings selected by the bidder administrator of that company, there might be a Register as a user of the bidder button at the bottom of the page. This button will allow you to Register as a user of the bidder.

If this button is not available and you want to register as a user, you must contact a bidder administrator to initiate the registration process.