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Registering as a bidder

Registering as a bidder

In the Bidder tab you can access the Registering as a bidder . form by clicking on the links marked in red in the figure above. You will then have to fill in the following information: You can go to the next section of the form by clicking on the Next button or to the previous section by clicking on the Back button. All fields flagged with * are mandatory. They must be filled in to proceed to the next section of the form.

The bidder registration process can be cancelled by clicking on the Cancel button.

Company ID

First specify whether you want to register as a Swiss or foreign-based bidder.

If you want to register as a Swiss bidder, please enter your company’s UID. If you do not know the UID of your company, you can find it by clicking on the link Search into UID register .
Foreign bidders must enter either their commercial register number or their DUNS number and their country of domicile.

If a bidder is already registered, a corresponding message box will be displayed. In this case you can either register yourself as a User of a bidder or you must contact the bidder administrator of the company and have him register you.

Address details

When registering as a Swiss bidder, the form will be automatically populated with the data stored under the company’s UID.

You can enter additional data about your company in this section of the form.

User profile

Please enter your data as bidder administrator here. The address data is pre-filled but it is possible for you to change it. In the Login name field, select which name you will use to log in to Simap. If the login name has already been registered in the system, you will be prompted to select a different login name.
The mobile phone number you enter will be used by the system to send you an SMS with an additional security code during the registration process.

If you want to register additional users for this bidder, they will first have to be activated by the bidder administrator.

Additional information

Further information about bidders is entered here. This additional information is used to populate the standard form Bidder information that can be submitted with a bid. The CPV code is also used for search purposes in the directory of bidders.

Person in charge

Here you must designate the person in charge for your company. The details of this person in charge will be published in the directory of bidders. It is typically someone from PR, sales or customer service who can provide information about the company irrespective of ongoing tendering projects. An extra Simap user is not created with the designation of a person in charge.

Terms of Contract (TOC)

Registration is only possible if you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the association.

Public bidder informations

All company-specific data that will be published in the public directory of bidders are listed on this page. Here you have one final opportunity to correct any data before completing the registration process by clicking on the Back button.

Completion of registration process

After completing all steps in the form you will receive the following message:

An email with a registration link is being sent to your email address. Click on the link to set your password and complete the registration process.

The password must contain minimum 8 characters, maximum 20, of which at least 1 number, 1 lowercase letter, 1 uppercase letter.

After setting the password you must login as a bidder for the first time. Afterwards an SMS will be sent to your mobile phone with a 5-digit one-time password which you must enter to confirm your registration.

After completing the registration process the Project overview applicant screen will be displayed. Your company’s details will be included in the Bidder index zur Verfügung.